Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One happy little cherub

Cutie patootie on our walk around the neighborhood, fully equipped with her shovel and bucket. 

  Hadleigh is such a happy little babe. 
She enjoys so many activities, she is a good listener, and loves to love her family and friends. She pulls the funniest faces and tries to make us laugh. Hadleigh brings laughter and happiness wherever she is. She definitely has an excitement for life!

Completely covered in chocolate and completely happy about it :)

Just the sweetest little babe and her snack along on our Saturday adventure a few weeks back. 

Making sure her baby is near by always makes it easier to fall asleep on long road trips. Hadleigh is a dream in the car! 

It really is the sweetest thing to see our girls develop relationships with Tyson. I don't even mind if they only want Tyson to do certain things for them. I just think it's adorable that they are so eager to hug daddy in the morning when they wake up and when he gets home from work. 

These selfies Haddie took by herself (I have about one million of her toes, legs and shoes) made me realize how huge that bow looks on her! And I also realized again that she is the best at making faces- pretty sure she has learned all her skills form Taryn.  

This is a "law-moor" as Haddie likes to call them.

One more of this cutie with those curls the last that never stop!!!!

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