Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our not so little Taryn

We've been talking about Preschool a lot lately and Taryn is super excited about it. So the other day we picked out a little backpack and a lunch pail for her to take with her on the first day (she will have the cutest little cubby there!) She modeled it for me when we got home and I couldn't take it! She looked like she was ready for 1st Grade! Maybe it's because she is already super tall, or that she just recently had another huge growth spurt, but my goodness, she is growing up so so fast! One morning I asked if if she could stop growing for me and she shook her head oh so seriously and said "No. I grow when I sleep and I want to get bigger." Ok, well, if you insist then I guess it's ok.

This girl rarely naps anymore and it's usually when she is playing quietly then when I go to check on her she has either put herself to bed or fallen asleep somewhere- like right now she fell asleep in our front door way watching the construction men re-do the street of our cul-de-sac. I love the picture of her  and her little animals waiting on the side for her, looking as if they are anxiously waiting for her to wake up and play! And those pillows she placed on her self!

Water and rocks = Taryn's heaven. 

Can you believe this is an Oreo cookie mess??!!! Tyson taught the girls how to dunk their oreos and it may have gotten a little out of hand towards the ends. Those mushy cookies had to end up somewhere I guess

Classic Taryn- always giving me a heart attack… just kidding…but seriously… she will climb anything and everything. Hard core Parkour!

From our recent Natural History Museum visit, Taryn found out that she is almost as tall as an elephant foot!

She is the sweetest and is the best little buddy. Sometimes I can't believe how mature she is and other times I'm grateful for her silly nature. She keeps me on my toes with her never ending curiosity and she is one great big sister (in-between those times where they fight here and there.) It always warms my heart as I watch from afar when Taryn takes care of Hadleigh. Whether it be sharing food or a toy while we are at the park or helping her sister do things like read books, I just love the relationship they have. 

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