Monday, August 3, 2015

Visiting the newborn twins- with Brittany and Seth Melling

A beautiful babies shower for Brittany! I was so happy I could be there! Of course, I cried! Talking about these babies and how great Seth and Brittany are will always make me cry

My sister Brittany and her husband Seth just had twins a few weeks ago. It was so fun to visit them in the hospital and finally meet them! It's amazing how huge Hadleigh seems now compared to these two newborns!!



Taryn and Hadleigh were so excited to meet the babies. Hadleigh squealed so much and would clap her hands. She couldn't contain her excitement!!! She is always very very loving and wants to help feed them their bottles every second. She is actually really gentle with them and has only pointed to their eyes. We try to divert her attention to their feet but honestly we've only had to do that a few times with Hadleigh. 

Taryn wanted to see them but it took her a few visits to warm up to holding one of them at a time. She is so sweet and loving to them. She asks to hold them all the time and doesn't want to leave Brittany & Seth's house without holding them. 

We babysat for Brittany one day so she could go to the doctors and run a few errands. Oh man! Newborns are so easy (I guess when you're not the one who has to breastfeed them all the time that is)
I wish my babies would have taken bottles! Man- bottle feeding is awesome!

Loving on their little cousin Cora

Hadleigh has picked up this little squint any time I say smile. It's exactly what I used to do as a 2 year old!

Yay! A real smile….but it's blurry…!

I know Cora is smiling in this picture because she is loving being with her cousin Taryn :)

They are two little miracles for sure! I'm so glad I can be so close to Brittany and Seth!

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