Thursday, August 30, 2012

It feels like home.

When Tyson unlocked the door to our basement apartment Sunday night, he came back outside where I was waiting for some help with our church bags & Taryn and said, "It smells amazing inside!"
I had prepared a pot roast and left it in the slow cooker for the duration we were at church and for both of us, that smell means home. It's a classic comfort food recipe that we both enjoyed, especially on Sundays, growing up. Preparing it yesterday was like giving our little home our stamp of approval. This is our house now, and we are making it our home.

While we were assembling the last items for dinner, we talked about how we are so happy we are here. We both recounted instances during the 3 hour block of church of how we both became overwhelmed with the feeling of, 
"This is where we are supposed to be," 

We love our ward and we love the area where we live.

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