Monday, August 13, 2012

Arlington County Fair

Going to the Arlington County fair felt like it made everything official. We are residents of Arlington, VA and we love it!
We had free samples of "Frush" yogurt and "Front Porch" ice cream. We also daringly tried the deep fried Oreos- what's a fair without eating something deep- fried right?
They were pretty good.

Taryn is still too small to ride almost all rides even with an adult so we took her for a ride on the carousel. She cried when it was time to get off because she was having so much fun.
The funniest "ride" we saw was the "Bubble Kids." We could've watched them all day long. 
We learned that Arlington, VA is the most "bike friendly" county and that a good majority of people choose to bike to work. We live next to great trails and there is never a lack of bicyclists on the road. We're happy to use our bikes and become apart of the biking community. We're also happy that there is a sweet Mount Vernon Bike Trail that goes over the Potomac river into D.C. so Tyson can bike over 12 miles a day to and from school/work. What a great way to fit in your daily workout!

*You probably noticed Taryn's nose and forehead in the picture above. She had a good little fall down some concrete stairs. The guy behind us in church on Sunday said, "Our little boy just did the same thing! It won't last forever- so document it!"  Funny guy.


  1. At first I thought it was chocolate :) I have a picture just like that of Amanda when she was just Taryn's age--huge scabby nose and forehead and everything! Awesome!

  2. I have to say that the thought of deep-fried oreos kind of makes me gag. Don't think I would have had the courage to try it.

  3. What a fun way to feel a part of the community. Taryn is so darling.

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