Monday, August 20, 2012

L'Ecole des Trois Gourmandes

 So, we live in a pretty cool area. There's about 1 billion things you can do here. And if you know us, we want to see it all. So what do we do before Tyson starts his internship this week and then school shortly after? We make the most of our time together and see all that we can, of course.

Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Julia Child's Kitchen (good timing for her 100th Birthday!) I spent a lot of time here, reading the spines of the cookbooks in her kitchen, staring at the never ending pots and pans she owned (it made my collection look like nothing!), and loving that fact that she entertained guests right in her kitchen where all the action was happening. What a great idea.

 Although we have seen many locomotives in movies, we never realized how gigantic they really are until Tyson stood next to it (He's 6'2!)

Pictures of the Historic Route 66 which we drove a portion of on our great trip back East! Ahh, memories :)

I passed the test and was asked to join "Rosie" as a new "Riveter"


The museums are great because they are very kid friendly. There are displays to play with and interactive areas like Mr. Potato Head building next to the original "Muppets". There was so much to see! I was touched with deep emotion as we entered the special "Star Spangled Banner" exhibit. The flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the amazing lyrics is displayed for all to see. What and amazing history we are apart of. As the music played in the background you could read the words, and it touched my heart.
We're looking forward to going back several times with visiting family members!

We also went to the Eastern Market to have lunch and ate the best sandwiches from Market Lunch. I would highly recommend "The Crab Cake" and "The Cod." The flavors were just spectacular. Really, we licked our plates after. Spacing can be limited for seating but they have a great overflow area so Taryn ran around with other kids and ate her lunch later. It all worked out great. There is a lot of Italian influence here (and all over D.C./VA). I was really excited to see I could get special items here to that I have only known in Italy!

So excited for a treat!

D.C. is beautiful. We've made mental lists of so many places to see and eat at. It's really exciting to live in the area we do because I feel like I could never get bored. To top it off, almost all of it is free!

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  1. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! I'm so jealous! What an amazing life you lead, dear sister!! I'm so excited for your time in DC. In perfect B,T & T form you are living it up, soaking up every experience. GOOD FOR YOU! I wish we were neighbors and could make daily trips to fun places.
    I love, love, LOVE that you saw Julia Childs kitchen--especially on her birthday. I love your passion for cooking. I love you!