Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 2- Driving to the East Coast

Day 2 
Santa Rosa, New Mexico to Fort Smith, Arkansas

There is this awesome -straigh-off -the- highway tourist stop that I remember visiting when I was around 10 years old with my entire family. It was apart of a big 3 week long "South Trip" that we took before my oldest sister graduated from high school. When we stopped there is started pouring rain but I remember how fun it was to bolt to the car and getting completely soaked by the gigantic Texas rain. 
So we passed through Amarillo, Texas and naturally had to pull off to visit Cadillac Ranch. A wealthy land owner wanted to have something unique created for that people could come and see. He hired a few Hippy artists who came up with the idea of putting cars in the ground. Over time, the cars have seen a lot of graffiti and it's become a part of the experience. The grounds are littered with old spray paint cans  people left behind (we tried to find ones that were full enough so we could add our mark!)

Texas is really pretty with lots of farm land and animals.
I have to say that we met the nicest people ever in Texas and I told Tyson that I wouldn't mind living there at all.
Plus- this was the start of the country music wave. I was so happy that all the stations we could get in the car were fully Country Music. And it stayed that way up until we reached Virginia! I love Texas :)

I loved that accents of everyone around us. Everyone just sounded friendlier.

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  1. I remember that car place!! I totally remember you, Ashleigh and Mackenzie running in the rain. Good times. Fun memories. Who would have ever thought you would see that again?