Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We made it to our new home!

After a little over 2,300 miles and 38 + hours of driving we arrived in Crystal City- Arlington, VA to our basement apartment. To be more specific, the Pentagon is basically in our backyard- ish
We're are really happy with our location.
We can't get over how beautiful the homes are and we've been pointing out which homes we want to move into later on in life :)
But for now, I want to recap on our 4 1/2 day drive to the East Coast.

Day 1 
Mesa, Arizona to Santa Rosa New Mexico

We left the dry heat of the valley and nothing much changed when we arrived in New Mexico

Taryn loved drawing during the stretches of drive time

We drove partly on the Historic Route 66

Thankfully she stuck to her two naps (or more!!) a day while driving in the car.

We stopped in Holbrook at a park for our PB&J lunches and some play time. It was a gorgeous day thanks to a storm that had passed before we arrived.

And we drove straight through this storm. Not a lot of rain but a lot of freaky lightening and thunder for sure.

Resting in the hotel after a little swimming. I know that was what Taryn looked forward to :)

On to Day 2

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  1. love that tyson still has his old school 46th shirt! yes!