Thursday, August 23, 2012

And now my sister lives her too!

 It took my sister all of a week to book her flight, find housing, and move back East after hearing us talk about the great area in which we live. 
Talk about spontaneity! 
It was all about good timing and we are so excited to have her around these parts. We've been having our own little adventures with her as we discover more of the greatness around us. Like today, we took the Metro into D.C., picked a Smithsonian Museum to visit and spent our time casually walking (and chasing Taryn) around the Natural History Museum. I have to admit, I really doubted the sound of this museum but boy, was I proven wrong the instant we walked in. My eyes lit up and so did Taryn's. It's a great place to take children and there's also the Hope Diamond on display which I have always wanted to see.
 It's a lot of fun to have family living near us again! 

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