Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some of the reasons why I am loving where we live

While Tyson was interviewing, Taryn and I went exploring. 
We live by 3 parks (probably even more!) all within walking distance so we walked to each one, of course, to decide which one would be the best for daily outings.
We met a nice lady with some dogs who told us of the 3rd park while we were at the 2nd park. And the 3rd park won our votes for best everything. Tennis & basketball courts, baby swings, slides, see-saw etc... It's a historic location for one of the Defenses of Washington during the Civil War. Named for General Winfield Scott (no relation to me), Fort Scott Park still has a small remains of the historic Fort.

On our way to and from the parks, I enjoyed the beautiful homes in our neighborhood.

We've been looking through the Crystal City website too and can't believe all of the events and activities that go on right around us. 
I'm really liking where we are!

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  1. Beautiful! Ethan and I were just in DC three months ago. I can't believe we didn't time it better. I don't suppose you'll be there in two years? If so, I'll be back :) How fun would it be to explore some sights together.
    BTW- check out Jackie Sander's blog for some fun places to which you can take a long weekend trip.