Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Newseum

We heard about the Newseum in D.C. and how awesome it was but couldn't believe it cost $19.95 per person! Luckily for us we were able to get in free thanks to my sister's roommates- perfect timing! After walking through the museum we thought it would definitely be worth the admission price because it really is a great interactive place. 
Front pages of newspapers from all over the world are sent to the Newseum every day before dawn and displayed inside. They hold the newspapers dating back to the 16oo's and more! The museum also holds the Pulitzer Prize wining photos from several decades which will make you cry. They have captured moments from history so well. Of course, there is so much to see that it's hard to fit it all in!


Chilling in her stroller. We love that she rests on that bar and watches the world around her  as we walk around the city

One of those rare moments where we had someone who could take a picture of us! (Thanks, Brittany!)


We explored the Old Post Office building too which gives you the best view of D.C. for free! At the time, the clock tower was the highest sky scrapper of D.C. at a whole 12 stories :) I think as I get older I become more and more afraid of heights. Being up there- and it's not even that tall- was a bit scary to me. Maybe it's all the wind too?

Thanks, Brittany, for inviting us to come with you!  
There is still so much to discover. 

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  1. the newseum!!! There is really such a place? Because Merrick calls every museum a newseum! :) We are so dying to come see you... maybe in the spring we can swing a trip.