Saturday, September 1, 2012

Date Nights, PlayGroups, Back to school

Date Nights
Tyson & I tried Alexandria Cupcakes in Old Town Alexandria. Good cupcakes (we like Sprinkles better!) We like Old Town Alexandria better during the day time because it just has so much character that really shines in the light of the day! We can't wait to go back!

Crystal City has a "half priced fill in the blank"  for almost every day of the week.
We were first introduced to it by our friends when they took us for the Monday night special of  awesome hamburgers. $3.50 for a huge burger and side of fries or salad- what a deal! Now I just have to figure out where the other half priced gems are. Living a block away from so many restaurants is really fun.

We met up with the Anderson's, our Bologna neighbors, who just moved to D.C. last week. Is it fitting that we picked an Italian Restaurant? :) It was really fun to see Ada & Taryn communicate across the dinner table and I'd like to think that they remember each other. 

I think playgroups are amazing. Children and adults all have fun. Perfect.

Back to School
Tyson came home just beaming on Thursday & Friday after school orientation. He was able to see old "Bolognese friends", meet a lot of new people & his "SAIS family," and meet with one of his favorite professors. He is looking forward to the beginning of school next week and he is also really enjoying his internship with the International Trade Association. 

New Routines
Taking all the toys she can carry with her....and dropping a few on the way... as she heads off to read books for bed time.

I have yet to figure out Taryn's new nap schedule fully. It seems like the day she turned 18 months old was the day she decided to throw any kind of napping out the window. At least she is sleeping through the night. But I think I may have hit my limit of temper tantrums this week alone. I hope we can figure this all out soon! Even one nap would be great!

We're piling in as much fun as we can this weekend before we really get back into the routines of school! Happy Labor Day Weekend.

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