Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Part 2 - Air & Space Museum

There are a few things that Tyson and I both remember from D.C. more than 10 years ago. For Tyson, The Air & Space Museum was on the top of his "Must See Again" list. He explained to me that when he was little, one of the things he loved was anything "Space."

 It's awesome to watch Tyson's eyes light up when we walk into a place he has been waiting to see since we moved here.

We spent the day there and Taryn had a blast running around, testing out the interactive displays and listening to "Story Time" from one of the staff members.

We knew from weeks prior when we walked D.C.  that Pennsylvania Ave on Capitol Hill holds so many great food stops. We browsed by a few before we stepped inside We, The Pizza  and decided that it was calling our names.  I could eat Pizza every day. Really. I miss the pizza we would eat in Italy and if Tyson asks me what I "feel" like eating, I will answer 98% of the time with Pizza. They had so many options on their cutting boards that it was hard to choose. My spinach & artichoke pizza was amazing! But the winner of the lunch time pizza testing for us goes to Tyson's choice of Colletti's Notorious BBQ Pie. I have never had a better U.S. pizza before. It is a must have if you come to visit us! Taryn must take after me and my love for pizza - she just grabbed her slice and feasted- so happy to have a delicious slice all to herself!

D.C. is beautiful and this Labor Day weekend was perfect. 
Sandwiched in between great sight-seeing we had a fabulous Sunday dinner with friends. It has to be one of the best impromptu dinner's we've ever been to. I think all of the 4 couples had a total of 20 minutes notice to pull together what they had, meet together, and feast while our kids played and napped. Part of the fun of moving to a new area is expanding your friendships and meeting great new people.

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