Thursday, September 20, 2012

I love being her Momma

Oh, my funny little girl.

Taryn is such a joy to be around and I love being able to have this special time with her.  She has changed so much in the past two months. It's just incredible to see who she is becoming. I love my little sweet girl.

This morning we sang a bunch of songs together, one of them being "Pop Corn Popping" from the Children's Songbook.   Her hand motions and "words" to the song are so adorable. She tries oh so hard to say each word. 

We've been reading one of my favorite childhood books "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" 
each night before bed.  Taryn recites the few key phrases that she remembers from the book as we turn the pages. I can still hear my mom's voice reading that same book to me. I searched long and hard for it at the our city library and I know we will be taking it home with us multiple times. 

At the end of our 3 hour block of church on Sundays, you can find Taryn frolicking in the large grass space in front of the building. She's surrounded by at least a dozen kids from ages 15 months to 7 years old. She smiles as she runs round and round, keeping up with the other kids, laughing as they say "Hi" and race each other. 

Being her momma, I know what she's saying and usually what she wants. I always wondered in my youth how mothers were able to know just what their children were saying. But now I know. When you spend your time with these sweet little ones, you begin to know and understand their words, their feelings, and what makes them happy & sad. There are still times where I am totally stumped as to what her needs are or what she is saying but with time it all comes together again. 

I think Taryn has just gone through a big developmental stage. She has become a whole new "Happy" and it's taken Tyson & me by surprise.  We've commented on how "smiley" and "giggly" and how she has a "bubbly" personality now. 

Tantrums rarely happen any more and bed time/nap time has become such a simple process now. And she eats! She eats! I can't even begin to tell you how much I worried over the summer with her sudden lack of eating...anything! But she has a good appetite now and I can just worry about making sure she has a varied diet for now. 

She's a great buddy for our explorations and adventures around this new place we call Home. I know that on our daily outings she has helped me see the simple things in life like a beautiful flower, a bear sculpture in a yard, and the bugs on the ground. Everything thing is a new learning experience for her and I am happy to be her teacher.

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  1. You are such a good Mom. Taryn is very blessed to have you. How fun to note all her changes and she grows up. You are a terrific teacher...and her hair is darling!