Monday, September 24, 2012

Killer Walnut Tree seeds, the almost Grease Burns, and M&M's

Last week there was a big storm that hit our area. We spent the day inside listening to the rain and  with Play Dough. Taryn took a couple of licks of it but after she found out how salty it was, she stuck with just keeping it in her hands. She was so excited about it and so was I. I remember my mom making lots and lots of Play Dough for me and my sisters growing up. I remember forming the dough into little tea cups and letting them dry over night. I also remember wondering why my water was so salty when we drank from our tea cups the next day. (Thanks Mom for the recipe!)

 With our windows opened during the storm and all the humidity in the air, Taryn's hair (and mine!) went crazy! I think it was the best hair day I have had in a long time. And Taryn's hair? Oh boy! Those curls!

So with her hair growing longer and crazy curly by the day, I have been motivating myself to practice doing her hair. I love it. She doesn't. But if I want to ever do her hair in the future, we both need to practice now. So, I learn to distract her with different things like a baby thermometer that beeps when you push the buttons. It did the trick. And I created these cute little pigtails. This week I want to try a  style at least once a day! Wish me luck!

Love how her curls can't even contain themselves!

Highlights from this weekend
Our Saturday Ward BBQ - such a great time.
M&M's saved me this weekend. 
Bike Ride in perfect weather.
 Parks, Parks and more Parks
Lollipops, The Lion King, and Lemonade
Crisp & Cool Air
*New Arrivals- Congrats Ashley & Peter Dansie! Can't wait to meet your new little bundle of joy!*

A dangerous grease accident while cooking. I'm so glad I decided to wear my jeans that morning. The burns would have been so bad.

Time with T & T
Crock Pots- my new "oven." Literally.
So. Many. Hot. Dogs.
Fans and Flashlights- with gift cards I was able to stock up on some Emergency Preparedness items!

Killer Walnut Tree Seeds in our backyard-  (between the size of a golf ball and tennis balls) nearly took out my sister and her friend this weekend.

The End of Mosquito Repellent -Our bottles are almost empty. And I am not going to buy another one this year. Goodbye pesky mosquitoes. I will not miss you this fall/winter.


  1. love homemade play dough.
    Mosquitos... ever wonder their purpose? I do all the time.
    Walnuts the size of tennis balls, that sounds like a Texas thing. :)
    Seriously! So glad you wore pants too. Crazy.
    This curls are to die for! I think we need to live in a humid climate and then Berkleigh's hair would go curlier. She has it... I know it is there. :)

  2. Wow Brianna! What fun. It sounds like you have been busy and filling your time well. I love that you are doing Taryn's hair. I really wish I would have started with Nataleigh sooner. I kept thinking, 'I'll do better with my next girl'. Well, that didn't happen. :) So, good for you. And good for you to find fun things to do during the frequent storms. I also love that you are such an entertainer. Good for you!