Friday, April 27, 2012

Verona, Italy

 Verona was absolutely beautiful. We took a day trip to there- just the moms and the babes -on Thursday and I couldn't stop looking up at all the beautiful balconies and the ivy gently hanging down, the planters filled with yellow and red flowers and the unique window shutters all along the way.

Julie was a great tour guide and showed us some of her old stomping grounds from 12 years ago when she served as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Being able to go with someone who knows the area and has many memories tied with it is always so much fun! You get to hear interesting stories that bring back floods of memories for another person. I think it's the best way to see a new place! (Thanks Julie!)

We walked the cobblestone roads, toured around the Arena which took me back to my memories of Rome, saw the famous Juliet balcony & courtyard, saw breathtaking views of the city hill sides, and saw & heard the rushing waters of the Po River. It was a lovely day out with the girls.

Traveling with three kids under two and an awesome 6 year old was really fun. It's great to have lots of helpful mothers by your side. Our kids are fun, adventurous, curious, and full or personality. I love that Taryn knows these two ladies so well and is happy to be around them and their kids too.

Being able to eat pizza and ice cream with your girl friends is always a favorite past time of mine. 

Side story-
While one mom was in the bathroom and the other was breastfeeding, I was playing with three of the kids, trying to keep them close, having some fun along the way, and getting all of our wiggles out.  On one of my turns of "I'm gonna get you" as the three kids scatter away laughing, I fell. Hard. My feet slipped right out from under me and I landed on my right side. My hip felt like it had shattered and my arm was dead. I was so embarrassed as I sat on the marble, laughing but wanting to cry at the same time. Aaron walked up to me, saw my leg scratched and said "Ouch!" That's just how I felt. Julie was so nice and kept asking if I was ok, knowing that I had really hurt myself. But I had to jump up and catch one of the kids who had kept running down the long covered walk way. Every step killed. I got home with a bruised hand, hip/thigh, knee, and my entire arm brusied and sore -it felt like I'd had 5 shots put in my arm- completely dead and sore to the touch. I had my first "I am getting old" moment as I lay awake at night trying to go to sleep but just couldn't because my body felt thrashed. I have always been afraid of turning 25 because that has always been the magic "old" number to me. After this fall, I realized that I need to be careful and that what happens to me now, could really affect me later in life if I am not more careful. Ibuprofen has been a good friend.

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