Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today was the day our Italian class took for the great outdoors of Italy. We met in the lobby and headed down Via Zamboni to check out the University of Bologna's Historic Library and Palazzo Poggi, named after one of the famous families of old here in Bologna. I had forgotten that we were going out for class today so I scarped my heels and slipped on my sandals while we toured. I have learned in a city where we walk everywhere to always bring back up shoes just in case!

What we saw was breathtaking. I wish I had brought my camera. We walked into one of the most beautiful libraries I have ever seen, where the shock and splendor of the room could be heard through our audible gasps and "ohhhh's!!!" We passed by books that were so old, you could see the holes from where little creatures ate away at the spines of the books. I could smell the age old dust even though everything was so clean. There were long tables perfect for studying, each with their own 1950's style lamp to eliminate the pages being read. Not a soul was to be found in that beautiful room but that of my Italian classmates, our "tour guide" and Italian teacher as it is used only as a museum of sorts now, and to hold Christmas & Easter concerts. I could picture people studying here for an upcoming exam long ago. I glanced closely at the spines of the books resting on the shelf, imagining how the pages would crumble apart if the books were opened. I so badly wanted Tyson to see it all, as he constantly paints vivid pictures in my head of what his future library will look like. I could only think to compare it to Beauty and the Beast and the famous library he shows her which takes her breath away.
It was the type of library you wouldn't mind spending a whole day in, because being there, amongst the busts of professors, famous writers & thinkers that line the wall I presume, would be such a delight.

I was reminded that there is still much to see in this beautiful town of Bologna

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