Saturday, April 21, 2012

Precious moments

During our Spring Break we were riding the train home to Bologna and Taryn curled up in my arms and closed her eyes. I wanted to hold her forever and cherish that moment because it had been so long since she has fallen asleep in my arms but sadly, our stop came up just a few moments later and she woke up. She is always on the go and I feel like those little moments where she sits in my lap or lets me cuddle with her before bed time are so precious. One day this past week, we laid back on the bed, Taryn wrapped in my arm, and read a book until we both fell asleep.

 Little TarBear has got a lot of personality. She is a fun one who loves to be happy, jump on the bed, and give tons of hugs and kisses. She likes to scream which isn't always fun, and we always know when she is tired or mad because she plays with her hair on the top of her head. She likes to blow spit bubbles and dance with her bum sticking out.

New words she can say
please (psss)

Sounds she makes
Duck- quack
elephant- raises her hand up like an elephant trunk and makes the sound
giraffe- moves her tongue (not really a sound but can you tell me what a giraffe sounds like?)
Kitty- meow
Dog- rruff

 It's was the italians do when something tastes really really good. They put their index finger to their check and twist their finger back and forth, mainly for sweets but it can be for anything that tastes good. She did this in the Majani Chocolate shop when the store clerk handed her a jelly candy.
to everyone! The old & the young. Maybe she senses when people need a little cheering up :) I love to watch the big smiles that come from people who are so surprised at Taryn waving "Ciao." It even makes my day!

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  1. Love this! You captured her right now perfectly! Miss her tons! (and you and Tyson). Personality is right! And what a cute one and that--it's no wonder she charms all the Italian grandmas :) and grumpy men.