Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Showers & a Seder Dinner

Despite her funny face, Taryn was really enjoying her see-saw time with her "twin"-what so many refer to these girls as.

Almost all of the trees are filled with little buds, waiting to blossom, if they haven't already. The park looks fresh and alive with the new green on the ground and up in the trees. We went to the park before the April showers started this week because it will probably be another week before the skies are clear and sunny again. Today is Thursday and it already feels like Spring Break for us. Tyson has only a few more classes and I have one more Italian class.

Tomorrow we're going to a Seder dinner to celebrate Passover and learn more about it with our friends from SAIS. We are really excited about this experience and hope that Taryn won't mind staying up a few hours past her bed time. I've helped put on Seder dinners where I worked before Taryn was born and I learned so much about all the traditions and special meanings behind the food. And with many SAIS family members visiting from the States, I know it will be a fun experience!

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