Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break!

Puttin' her feet up because it's break time

Taryn's favorite thing to do while watching Daddy play basketball was to pick up loads of rocks from the pathways and listen to them hit the ground. And pick flowers.

And the wind blowing through her hair....

Great recipe you must try. The picture doesn't do it justice. Recipe here. (Thanks Paige)

It's officially Spring Break for us and we are already loving it! We spent Saturday as a family at the park, playing at home, and taking a long walk in a part of the city we don't see much of. We were happy to discover new places to eat at for future reference and that we were able to discover new streets and buildings.

When we saw the gelato spot -Stefino- we knew it had to be good judging by the number of people waiting in line. So... naturally we jumped right in line, counted our change, and tried delicious gelato. Best flavor?- Pistachio, pine nuts, and almond blend.We lost track of time and when we finally checked our watch is was almost 7pm and we were on the other side of the city. We made it home in time to make a delicious dinner (recipe below)

It was a very windy night (hence the bleh hair of mine above) and the temperatures dropped enough to make it chilly! The rains are here and have brought the cold weather with them but we are not going to let it deter us from having a great Spring Break.

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