Friday, April 20, 2012

A Tour of Italy- Day 6 Venice

At this point, I was trying to catch my breath, I was so excited about this beautiful city! 

Riding down the Grand Canal (Me, Tys, and Ken)


 Basilica di San Marco had amazing mosaics and I couldn't get over my love for the floor (pictured above) It was gorgeous! Taryn loved running after the pigeons and dancing to the music from the band in Piazza.

Ponte dei Sospiri- where prisoners took their last look outside before they were executed.

So many vendors to see!

The twists and turns of the small walk ways. I was NOT in charge of the map this day. That would have been bad :)

Yes, she can feed herself gelato. We have taught her well

Ponte Rialto 

Murano glass sculpture

 Venice took my breath away again. It's the water, the boats, the shining sun, and the huge smile that was on Tyson's face as we rode done the Grand Canal.

What we saw:
Basilica di San Marco
The Island of Murano home of the famous glass works
"Ponte dei Sospiri" or "Bridge of Sighs"
Grand Canal

We ate gelato at Mille Voglie which Fordor's listed as a great place to get gelato in Venice. The portion size was HUGE and the price was great. 

We loved our vaporetto rides through Venice (the 24 hour pass was awesome!). We got on one to get to San Marco and then jumped on other to make it to Mille Voglie for lunch, and back on another vaporetto to the Murano Island. You get to see so much of Venice and still get to walk the streets as you go to and from your destinations. It's been so long since we have been near a large body of water- Tyson and I were so happy!

I would go back to Venice in a heart beat and spend another day or two there. I loved that unique city!

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