Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A surprise lunch

I walked by these porticos on Strada Maggiore 4 times today!

After I finished my Italian final today, I went down to Guilio's Bar (within SAIS) and sat down with Tyson, Taryn and a few other SAISers'. We chatted for a bit and then it was time for Taryn & me to head home and for Tyson to take his Portugese final. We packed up and headed home only for me to realize half way home that I had lost my white beanie that was sitting on the stroller. I was wearing Taryn in the baby pack so I couldn't see in front of me let alone when it fell off.

We re-traced our steps (sound familiar?) but couldn't find it anywhere. Last place I remember seeing it? At school in the lounge. I went all the way back to school where I saw Tyson in the lobby. We looked for the hat but came up empty handed. He had already finished his exam (it only took about 15 min for the Oral portion) so I suggested we go to lunch! A very rare and special occasion!

We grabbed Kebab sandwiches from Tyson's favorite spot & the old Indian lady smiled at Tyson when he walked in. She is a very nice lady and her husband smiled at Taryn and waved at us while we waited. Tyson's only been there a few times but she knows she has a loyal customer. She has the cleanest shop out of all other Kebab stores (seriously- my food background makes me scream HEALTH CODE VIOLATION in some of the places we see here- bleh). Tyson knew just how to have them made and it was so delicious. Taryn enjoyed a slice of Marghertia pizza (Kebab is a little spicy) and do I dare say that she finished almost the whole slice! I'm talking Italian slice, not those tiny American slices! We sat on the concrete wall eating together, enjoying every bite. This unexpected lunch has become one of my favorite memories of being here in Italy.

So, even though I lost my beanie, I would do it all over again just to be able to have this simple, wonderful lunch with my little family again.

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