Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What we saw today

I really really love living on this beautiful street.

Our day was quite normal today. I had finished my deep cleaning of the house yesterday ('s so nice!) and that meant we had the day to wonder about the city while running some errands. We headed to the library to check out some movies for this weekend because Tyson will be done with finals! It was a very warm day at 50 degrees Fahrenheit so I told Taryn that after her mid-day nap, we would go to the park.

We get to see this lovely sight every time we come out of the SalaBorsa Library.

These shops and porticos run parallel to the Bascilica San Petronio. So you have the choice of gazing at the latest window displays, or at the beautiful windows on the side of the Bascilica.

Taryn kicked her pretty little feet all the way home while we walked under the amazing Porticos. Sometimes I have to remind myself to look up and take in what's around me and it always brings a smile to my face. I also have to remember to keep an eye out for flying boots. Taryn has kicked off these boots twice now but luckily I saw them slipping off her toes in time to grab them today. I will not loose another pair of shoes! (Our missing shoe count- 1 right shoe back in September)

Right before I make the turn that leads to our entry door, I get a quick look at this street beside us. Then, as I grab my keys out of my bag, I glance at the mosaic sidewalk, so unique to our little street. We headed to the park in the late afternoon and the temperature had dropped making our stay at the park brief but fun. Taryn knows how to get herself down the slide now (wiggling her bum to the edge so she can slide!) so my job now is to catch her and put her back on top of the slide to do it all over again with her smiling ear to ear.

My heart sinks and skips a beat when I think that our time here is almost over. 4 months will fly by and I want to soak up everything I can. I've made tons of "To-Do" lists filled with places to visit and foods to try!

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