Friday, January 6, 2012

Sometimes a girl just needs her mom

Today was an interesting day. I started off with lots of energy, everyone was fed and happy, and I was heading to my Italian class. Taryn was down for her nap and Tyson was neck deep in a book that he hasn't been able to put down ("The Help". I LOVED it and now LOVE that Tyson gobbled it up too)

But then, the day went a little south. I was trying really had to just let it go but it wanted to stick with me. Bleh. On top of that, for the past couple of days we've all been adjusting to going back to school and being on a tight schedule again (wakings, naps, lunches, outings etc..) And Taryn isn't liking it one bit. Mainly not having Tyson around. There's been lots of crying and peeking around the corner into the kitchen to see if Dad is there. She practically jumps out of her kitchen sink bath when she hears the door open. It's tender and precious. I love that she loves Tyson so much. And it can also be tiring when nothing can console my teary eyed little girl.

Taryn needed her mommy today. And after a couple events today, I needed my mommy too.

I made it through the day and I got some smiles and lots of laughs out of Taryn. It's all about getting her distracted, which keeps me very busy and by the end of the day, exhausted. She went down so smoothly for the night (did I mention she has been sleeping SOOO good- I've gotten SOOO much sleep!) I emailed my mom who lives in CA and told her I needed to talk! Even if it meant that I would have to whisper because Taryn was asleep. I needed my mom. And I was so happy when I heard that Skype phone call. We talked for an hour. And I loved every minute. Hearing family news, talking to her about my day, and trying to figure out how to take what's been put on our plates. It was thought provoking, heart warming, and filled with plenty of laughter.

Some days, a girl just needs her mom. I love being able to hold my fussy baby girl when nothing else will calm here. She is my girl and I'm her mom. I also love talking to my mom because she calms me. I love that she is my mom.

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  1. Mom's are the BEST!!! I'm so glad you got to talk to your mom on a day like that. are a good mom!!! What would we do without Skype, right!?! I thought of you guys yesterday (well, I do everyday, but...) last night we heard an opera singer sing in Italian!!! A song from La Trattoria. Speaking of Skype, we'll have to do that again soon! And, LOVE the pics of Taryn folding her arms btw!!! Love you!