Sunday, January 22, 2012

11 months and making us laugh

11th Months old & her Sunday outfit

Taryn takes pleasure in making us laugh, repeating actions just to hear us giggle again and again. We know her ticklish spots, and what words to say and actions to do to get a good laugh out of her as well. The satisfaction that comes from being her parents grows every day. After almost 5 days of being in the apartment because Mommy was sick, we ventured out to the library. Taryn knows exactly where we are when we park our stroller by the front desk, and I can't ever get her jacket and shoes off fast enough. Like usual, she took off towards the big foam blocks and stacks of books scattered on the floor. She looked back at me when she had reached the blocks, gave me such a big smile. I took it as, "Thanks Mom! I really wanted to come here!" It made my day seeing her so happy to observe other children, hand me book after book after book, and better her skills at climbing up and down those big blocks.

Daddy's girl and a huge snuggler

She thinks it's fun to lay on her belly and push herself backwards, sometimes even half way under the dresser. If she can't find something, she puts her hands up and wanders around saying "dis it?" with perfect inflection. I am still amazed at what children learn from their parents. I think that's why I enjoy hearing the little Italian children talk most. They have the most inflection in their speech and you can tell by the way they talk, what they have learned from their parents.

5 teeth plus about 4 on their way in.

Taryn has a big imagination. While playing with my jewelry bag, she thought it was hilarious to give every item in the bag to Tyson, one after another. Then when she was all out of jewelry, she paused and looked all around her, reached for nothing, and handed nothing to Tyson. She did this a couple of times until we were laughing so hard she got distracted.

If she puts things in her mouth and I don't know what it is, I ask her to "show me" She thinks it's hilarious

She's a big finger foods eater and will nod her head "yes" if she wants something when I ask her. (If the answer from her is no- she doesn't do anything. We're working on it) She nibbles on her food now and we love to see her with a whole cracker in her hand, taking the tiniest bites.

She's graduated from using chairs, walls, etc... to get herself standing and now gets up all by herself. Caught in the act :)

She likes to get down on her hands and knees or belly to look under the bed for toys or balls that have rolled under. I think this is pretty cute. She's very obedient for the most part except for anything concerning her huge obsession with the bathroom which is "yucky." She likes to roll the toilet paper.

Words she recognizes and associates with things: Ball, tiger, blocks, piano, duck, book, elephant, blanket, water, bread, crackers, yucky, Mommy, Daddy, fold your arms,
Words we can *kinda* understand her say: tickle tickle, Mam (mom) Dadda, Daddy, da-doo (we think this one is thank you) dis (this), dhat (that) nigh (night night)

First and last bubble bath. She tried to eat the bubbles the whole time

Things she's working on mastering: Blowing kisses, saying please and thank you


  1. Brianna -

    I stumbled on your blog on accident - I had NO idea you guys were in Italy! How long will you be there?

    Tyler and I are actually in England for graduate school and (I'm hoping) will take a trip to Italy sometime late this year. Like November-ish, we'll have a 4-month old by then! We would LOVE to see you if you'll still be there!

    tylerandariana (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. WOWOWOW! How did I not know this Ariana! Congrats on the baby! So excited for you both! We are in Italy for grad school too! Tyson's second year will be in Washington D.C so we leave Italy at the end of May. We have so much to catch up on!