Sunday, January 15, 2012

a little Brindisi

The two babes, Taryn & Ada

On Thursday Taryn and I met up with Tyson at school to attend a Brindisi for two very talented artists. Paige & Kirsten had dedicated many hours to this special project as they were asked to paint a mural in one of the Admin offices at Johns Hopkins University. It turned out so great and I especially love the mural because the picture it was based off of is right out my door. We live in a very beautiful and "Italian looking" neighborhood. Not all of Italy has this special charm and I love where we live so that we can walk out of front door and see such a great sight everyday.
Paige & Kirsten in front of their -Porticos of Via Solferino -Mural

We were informed that their would be soda for the non-drinkers and light appetizers served. So when the toasts began, one of the members of Admin shoved two drinks into our hands. At first I thought, "Oh how great. he got us soda because we don't drink! So nice of him" Then I got the wiff of alcohol. Nope- no soda in that cup- it was Prosecco. After taking a Wines & Spirits class in Culinary School, I got very used to smelling (because I skipped out on the "sipping") various wines and alcoholic beverages. Do you want to know what? It all smells like a hospital to me. medicinal- that's all I can think of. So we quickly passed our "drinks" off to those who surrounded us and had an imaginary soda "brindisi" for the toast. Great job, Paige & Kirsten- it looks great!

Paige reading to Taryn. Taryn was laughing and pulling funny faces.

We've learned that Taryn takes a while to warm up to people. So this picture is a moumentous one for us. She will go to Paige & Julie now for a couple of minutes without crying or reaching out for Tys or me. Taryn has to build the trust between another person before she will go to them willingly. It's taken a couple of months- almost 4- but we're getting there.

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  1. When you said that alcohol smells like hospital, it made me smile. Working in the E.R. for almost 10 years the smell of alcohol is imprinted in my memory, unfortunately associated with passed out alcoholics (usually homeless and not bathed for months) mingled with the smells of smoke, incontinence... Not everyone, but a stimulant to never want to try... :)