Friday, January 13, 2012

The weekend's here!

I actually thought it was already Friday about 3 times this week. Classes are over and language finals are done. No more Portuguese or Italian for 3 weeks. Tyson has one final under his belt, a project due today, and the rest of the finals are nicely scattered between two weeks which gives him ample time to study.
Tomorrow we're having an Italian "End of the Semester" class party and I'm really excited about it. Keeping my fingers crossed that Tyson will be able to come too! The lovely couple, Alexis & Mike Piet, are hosting and they informed me that they would be scrubbing their floors so the babies could crawl, walk, etc... and be just fine. I told them that was more than we've ever done in our apartment!
Christmas decor comes down today which means I can put up Valentine's hearts everywhere. Which also means it's getting super close to the day when my little baby turns 1 year old. WOW. We've all eaten a lot of wonderful pizza this week. But you know what? I could eat it for the next week and still love it!

Taryn's new favorite toy- an assortment of bowls in the cupboard. She taught herself how to put it on her head. She likes to parade around the kitchen and bedroom.

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