Monday, January 16, 2012

Bitter honey & Pecorino

Bitter Honey & Pecorino (Piccante and Dolce) Cheese, Bruschetta, Celmentines, Almond Roca, Brownies, Chips & Salsa, and Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Alexis & Mike P. opened up their home to us so that we could have a small class gathering after our class had finished for the semester. Sadly, there is a 99% chance that we will not have the same lively, hysterical, curly haired Italian teacher for next semester so I wanted to be sure a capture the moments of this party. I'm happy I got to speak with her and find out that Claudia has circled the globe in her travels. Asia, South America, North America, Australia etc...
She is a spit fire and a great teacher.

My little family enjoyed our time there, getting to know even more about our classmates.
Claudia brought each of us small flower bulbs that are beginning to sprout. I wish I could remember the Italian name for it but all I can remember is that when it blooms, it will fill the home with a pleasant aroma.

Paige brought cool toys for the girls to play with. The xylophone was a huge hit for Taryn!

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