Saturday, September 24, 2011

Perfect weather and a lost shoe

We have been spending a lot of time at the park lately because of the beautiful weather all around us. The super hot August month is gone and you can tell it's Autumn now. The air is becoming more and more crisp everyday, we've had to break out our long pajama pants and sweaters, and it's already rained a couple of times! I have never lived in a place where I could experience all four seasons before. I am excited that the leaves are changing and that I can start making soups and baking!
Taryn had her first real experience in a swing by herself and she looked happy and scared at the same time. She likes our walks outside on the streets during which we have already lost one sock and one shoe. I check on her almost every minute but yet somehow she kicked her socks off (we recovered one) while Tys and I were heading to school. One shoe disappeared on our walk yesterday and ended with me searching like crazy all the way back down a 15 min. walk Taryn and I had just taking. I would have made it home just in time for her nap had she (really... me) not lost her shoe. But we only came with so many shoes for Taryn and losing one is not good! So I really wanted to find the shoe! But we couldn't find it anywhere! I did have 2-3 Italian ladies point out to me that her shoe was missing. I appreciated it but the last lady confused me. For what I understood (which was very little) she saw the shoe back down the road (I had checked three times already) and I happen to run into her on the last street I hadn't checked so I was alrady running out of steam. At that point, Taryn was WAY ready for a nap, my arms were falling asleep from holding her so long trying to calm her down so it was time to go home. Poor little shoe. I plan on making a quick round down the street I didn't check, knowing perfectly well I am not going to find it. But, at least I will have tried! Now I just have to figure out how to get my baby girl that loves to kick her feet to keep her shoes on!

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