Monday, September 5, 2011

How we get to church each Sunday

Every sunday we walk about 10 min to a bus stop. We wait for #20 and hop on for a 8 min. ride to church. We are really lucky to live where we are - close to a lot of things. We know some who have to travel 50 min. to church. And did I mention that the stake center is in Venice? We are excited for Stake Conference in October!

I am learning (more like failing) how to walk on cobblestone with high heels or wedges. I don't know how these Italian women do it every day for work. I have tweeked my ankle so many times. I have to use the stroller as a helper to get across safely. So now I resort to wearing my sandals until I walk up to the church doors. I think it's much safer that way :)


  1. Brianna, you look darling. So Eurpoean. And I love Taryn's dress! :) She, too, looks darling. --Like mother like daughter!

  2. Megan! I have to thank you for the dress! This is one of the cute Nataleigh dresses you sent me! I love it!