Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sala Borsa Ruins

Two strollers on a narrow one way path tour- now we've learned!

I've had these pictures on my desktop forever it seems like and I am just now getting around to putting them on the blog! I think I mentioned before that the library was built ontop of ancient Ruins which is pretty cool. The floors to the library are glass so you can see the ruins as you walk around and they also let you tour down inside. I was a little disappointed with the "tour" but all in all it was cool to check out and get more familiar with Bologna and it's hidden gems. This was taken just a couple of days after the Anderson's arrived and we all went to the library together to let the babes play and so we could help them get library cards.

I enjoy getting new books for Taryn from the children's library each week (or more) because the simple words in those books help me learn Italian just a little bit faster. Tyson and I try to apply a new word we've learned that day and it can be fun and also sometimes hard to remember what that object or this object is called in Italian.

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