Monday, September 5, 2011

Basilica San Luca- trial One

We headed out to explore a Basilica on Saturday. We found a park after missing the first bus up the mountain and had lunch. We enjoyed the beautiful view of the streets and the gorgeous mountains behind the city walls. We waited for the next bus and then drove up a beautiful pathway to get to San Luca.

The views were just as breathtaking as we thought. The wind blew harder and was very refreshing after all the hot and humid city weather. The only bad thing about this trip- it was closed when we got up there. We were upset because we waited (for a long time) for the bus o come again only to find out that when the church is open, the bus driver takes a break for an hour. Then when the church is closed, the bus driver starts his route again. LAME!!! We have noted this for next time and will be sure to catch the VERY first bus up. Some of the timing here is a little off and we are learning not to fully rely on a strict time schedule. I am also getting used to what we call "The Siesta" (because of Tyson's experiences in Argentina), Most European cities (non- tourists hubs that is) take a break- or lunch from 2:30 to 4:30pm. So all local shops and grocery stores are closed. It actually works out with Taryn's nap time so it's usually ok.

Looking forward to trial two of this beautiful place

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