Monday, September 12, 2011

The Library

 Just behind this incredible Neptune fountain in the Piazza Maggorie, we found something that made my heart sing.  It was a large city library that has one the best baby centers I have ever seen.

 With books galore, written in every language you can think of, and soft play mats and blocks everywhere it was a dream come true for us as we worried about Taryn's further development in our small apartment. This wonderful place gives her the opportunity to crawl and climb anywhere without the major fear of hurting herself. I'm also excited because Taryn will be around other little babies which makes her so happy!
In October various programs start up for the baby center including, I've heard, a group of English speaking women who get together for big play dates. Taryn is one of 3 SAIS babies and I have already been chatting with the mothers of these cute babes and talking about play dates and wonderful baby finds like this library. It's really great to know that I will have other mothers here in Bologna in a similar situation as me.

*The first time we went to the library it was a school day and lunch time when everyone disappears from the streets for a break- that's why it's not packed with babies. But we went again on Saturday and it was full of babies ranging in age from a few weeks old to about 3 years old.


  1. That's awesome that you found some women to hang out with. I'm still trying to figure it out in Seattle but I"m getting there. I love all your blogs posts. Keep it up!