Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A day at the Park

One morning after Tys headed to school for his T.A. job, Taryn and I decided to go to the park. We live within walking distance of Giardin Marghertia and I love it. We have taking family walks there and explored the parks on many occasions. On this particular morning I strapped Taryn into her stroller and made our way, crossing streets here and there until we entered through the big gates. We passed by about 100 mothers, 200 children, a hand full of fathers, and plenty of dogs and college students. I was happy and so was Taryn. I love that special connection you feel with mothers you don't even know. I have experienced it so much here and I always feel the same happiness. It's the... I am a mother and so are you. I understand your situation. I know what life is like for you. Your baby is darling and our children make us happy. It's as if I can hear every mother say that as we walk by one another and smile, glancing down at the beautiful babies in the strollers we push. Even if we don't speak the same language, we can communicate. It's a beautiful thing.

I kept walking down the path to a section of the park I had not seen before. When I rounded the corner I discovered something that made my heart so happy. A mom and child filled park. It was about 10:30am and all the mothers (and some fathers) had taken their children to the park. I pulled up the stroller next to a bench and Taryn surveyed the scene. We were both so excited. I took her walking around the play equipment and we also enjoyed a ride on the swings. I loved hearing the little children speaking Italian. It's very different to my ears to hear these sweet children speak. On occasion these children would come and speak to me, asking me how old Taryn was etc... and I loved being able to say what few things I know in Italian for now and having them understand. Taryn is a very social little baby and loves being around children whether older or younger than her. One little boy even got close enough to stick his finger in her mouth. I quickly pulled it out but Taryn didn't seemed to mind, for she was so focused on this new child in front of her. We took a seat back on the bench to watch again and Taryn couldn't resist blabbing on and on about what she saw and did. From that moment on I knew this would be Taryn's place. I love that I can help her get around now and I look forward to her being able to walk around on her own to explore even more.

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