Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A walk through the Piazza

During the day, the Piazza Maggiore is always bustling with people even during the long lunch hour. People roaming around, taking pictures, chatting, eating and just watching the busy city life from the steps of the church. Because it's Christmas, the city has exploded with lights and decor and I love to soak it in. Just the other day I was running an errand and noticed a gathering of people and music playing. It was a small festival and with that came dancers, food, and special goods. Tyson said, ' I really love that the center of the city is always busy with this event or that event. It makes for a great place to gather people from in and out of the city walls.'

We took a walk this past weekend to view the beautiful tree in the Piazza at night and stroll the streets with lights above our heads. Where else can you find a fired baton twirler performing for the masses? This walk came after a long and busy week...one in which I thought our apartment would never fully recover from the explosion of this week's events. (Laundry, dishes, toys, clothes, etc...) At last, it finally did as I dedicated all my free time to restoring the apartment back to it's natural state. Back to our normal schedule with a a twist of Christmas added in there too. We truly needed our day of rest come Sunday and it was wonderful for us all to get in naps, eat, and play together.

Baton twirler finishing his act

Store front windows decked out with lights and garland. I really enjoy how much the Italians put into their window displays.

The lit snowflakes down D'Azeglio

The big Christmas tree in the Piazza with Via Indipendenze behind, also lit all down the long street

Tyson and Taryn bundled and happy

Close up of Via Independenza lights. It is a very long street and to see it lit all the way down is pretty cool

With the famed Neptune's fountain in the fore ground

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