Friday, November 4, 2011

A great day

I think Taryn is finally kicking her cold which was BIG news for me! I'm happy that she is breathing a little better and sleeping A LOT better than previous weeks. Yesterday was a warmer day so we took full advantage of it and spent most of our time running here and there. We stopped by the park and I was blown away with how beautiful the fall leaves and trees are. There was something special about the empty park and the leaves falling right in front of us as we walked down the path way. I took Taryn out of the stroller, took off her gloves and let her play in the leaves. She was unsure of the noise the crunching leaves made at first but then she overcame her fear and crawled all over them, picking them up and feeling them with her hands
It was a special moment for me and Taryn. We were the only ones on this little path and we were having fun experiencing the leaves together. I may have taken a zillion pictures of her and a couple of videos too. We headed over to the swings where Taryn squealed with delight as I pushed her back and forth. She is such a great baby and I love her! I'm so happy that she is starting to feel better.

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