Sunday, November 6, 2011


I was playing with Taryn yesterday and I saw teeth coming in!!! I was shocked and had to look over and over again to make sure that I wasn't just seeing things! This girl has two TOP teeth coming in! Since birth, Taryn has showed us that she doesn't really like to do the norm and this goes for teething too. For example:
Most parents find out their baby's gender during a 20 weeks ultrasound and then have 21ish weeks to prepare for that gender to be welcomed. Taryn decided to "hide" her real gender and surprise us at birth by being a GIRL!
Most babies have their two BOTTOM teeth come in first so while Tyson and I have been checking every once in awhile for these said teeth, Taryn decides she is going to throw yet another twist in the game and make her TOP two teeth come in! We hadn't even bothered to look at her top gums!
I would have felt horrible with her teeth coming in unknown to us because she would have done it without medicine to help with the pain but luckily Taryn had a bad cold before so during the initial breakthrough she was medicated and that makes me feel better about her pain factor.
It's true what my friend Paige said, Taryn no longer seems like my little baby girl anymore. She is more like a toddler every day and I have mixed emotions about it. I love that she is growing and developing because that's just what she should be doing. It's just gone by so fast for me!



    That is so exciting but it all comes together! THAT is why she wouldn't sleep. THAT is why she was sick. THAT is why you had such a crazy, tiring, and sad last month or so...

    She is teething. Ha. Why didn't I even think of that!

    Really Brianna, teething is one of my least favorite things about motherhood. It is hard to see your child going through that, and then the ear aches, the fevers, the crying, the sleepless nights, all of that comes because of teething. It is fights for first place with potty training! :)

    Anyways, it really is fun to see a little toothy grin though, get some teething tablets or biscuits to let her gnaw on and she will be a happy girl. :)


  2. Yes, I couldn't agree more with Jen. Teething explains it all. "Whew" and "Ugh!". Unfortunately it seems like a long process because there are a lot of teeth that need to come in. Somehow they get use to it, but the first couple of teeth are a real pain. Literally. Those back molars are the worst.
    Glad you solved the mystery. Hooray for Children's Tylenol!