Thursday, November 17, 2011

Almost there!

She's slowly getting it! She can balance like a pro, stand for long periods of time, and she's taken 5 steps by herself! I was going to wait to post about her walking until she was a full blown walker but I'm too excited! I love watching her do her "excercising" as she moves up and down over and over while holding onto the bed, chair, or anything she can reach. She has strong leg muscles but she's still a little scared about the whole, "I can move my own feet" concept. We were thinking she was going to be the same as Tyson- a walker at 8 months- but with her 9th month birthday approaching, it looks like she wants to set her own walking time frame- and I'm fine with that!


  1. She is getting so old. I can't believe it!

  2. Oh watch out.

    First walking...
    Then running...
    Then it's keep up with Taryn all over Italy!

    I say, "Whoa, little girl!" Stop her while you can. :) j/k

  3. No,really, what a great milestone. Good for Taryn. She is growing before our eyes. Thanks for keeping us updated on her continual progress.