Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Morning Breakfast Time

Sometimes mornings can be a bit jumbled with one of us showering, the other feeding Taryn, then Tyson getting ready and me making his lunch, then me getting ready and Tyson playing with Taryn, changing diapers and dressing her and eating my breakfast and sometimes if Taryn gets up really early we Skype family etc etc etc.. There is always a different combination of the above each morning. Today Taryn was still eating breakfast that she started with Tyson so I finished up. She was extra chatty this morning so I grabbed the camera to catch her normal mannerisms and I was so happy that she was only camera shy for the first couple of seconds. This girl is our constant entertainment! Enjoy a view of breakfast time in the Smith home!


  1. I miss that little sweetie soooooo much!!!! She melts my heart when she waves ciao!!! We need to Skype SOON!!! Love you and miss you! Also amazed at the top teeth and walking!!!! So grown up!!! I wish I could shop in the Christmas shops with you ;) - Janette

  2. Just figured out how to comment--woohoo! I'm a little slow, I know, but I finally remembered my password ;)