Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pretty happy Mama!

On Thursday night before bed, Taryn said, "Mama" while looking right at me, totally unprompted. It took a couple of seconds for me and Tyson to register that she had FINALLY said "Mama" but moments after it sunk it we did a little happy dance. After months of "Da-Da" and plenty of other wonderful sounds, Taryn decided to say "Mama." It made my night!

Then, today I was feeding her lunch and going through a couple of words and actions with Taryn. When I said, "Mama," she pointed to me. Coincidence or not- I was thrilled! Our little girl knows who her mama is and I love it! All day while we played she said "Mama" over and over and over again. I never stopped smiling!

1 comment:

  1. And what a good Mamma you are! Yeah for Taryn. It was so fun to skype with you and see that precious little one in person--sort of. he he. She's a doll and one lucky girl to have you as her Momma.