Sunday, November 20, 2011


In the Piazza Maggiore this week there was a Chocolate Show that was incredible. I saw chocolate in the form of pasta, cell phones, thumb drives, dentures, rusty tools, shoes, shirts, purses, statues, cd's, and so much more that I have forgotten. I passed by the enormous amounts of chocolate truffles and my heart actually ached for those who had to labor over all of them. From my job as a pastry assistant, I learned that making the perfect truffle is hard- tempering chocolate (no yucky white streaks in my chocolate!!!) can be a horrible task especially in Arizona and I questioned whether or not I even wanted to eat one! I learned what an "etto" is (100 grams) and it was confirmed to me yet again that the typical Italian hot chocolate is more of a thick, rich, eat it with a spoon pudding- not the watery drink that I am more accustom to.

The edible rusty tools. These were my favorite-

Truffles...we have a love/hate relationship.

These two girls bundled up for me & Paige's adventure of discovering the Chocolate Festival on Wednesday while our husbands were busy with mid-terms.

I was so happy when Tyson finished up his school work on Thursday early! We met at the Library where I had to return some books and headed to the Chocolate festival (again! Yeah!)

The biggest Toblerone Bar I have ever seen!!!! (not really Toblerone brand but it looks just like those!) I'll take one chocolate mountain, please!

We happen to be out and about in the city during my favorite time of day. I love when the sun is setting and people are getting ready for their nightly adventures. I have loved this time since High School and I continue to find magic in this time- the twinkle of city lights, the last of the sun's beautiful colors, and the anticipation of what is to come. I'm happy for the time I got to spend with Tyson and Taryn. It was a perfect relaxed day that happened to end with a lot of time spent together as a family.


  1. Did you EAT any chocolate or just LOOK at it??? :) By the way you look very cold! Love you!

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  3. Ashley- totally a dream! I wish I could have taken more home- or eaten more!
    Janette!-The first trip I brought home some chocolate to share with Tyson and the second time I went with Tyson and we test tested some yummy truffles, cremini (almost like fudge but it tasted like Nutella) and 100% pure chocolate. I wouldn't recommend trying 100% chocolate but it was interesting to try it- I prefer to have some milk fats in my chocolate! :)
    And it was FREEZING- did you notice Tyson wearing two jackets!- I never thought I would see the day! That's why we wrap Taryn up in a wool blanket when we are outside. The humidity makes it seems a lot colder than the thermometer reads (98% humidity I found out later! Agh!)