Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Memories

I was reading my cute cousins blog and it really got me thinking about this time spent with extended family. Yes, I almost cried reading it because I could literally picture myself doing all those things with family all around. But I realized it wasn't so much of being homesick. Yes, I miss my family and Tyson's family very much, but what struck me is that our families are deeply rooted in traditions and I absolutely LOVE it. My emotions were close to the surface because I realized that now with my small family, we will make our own traditions and carry on the traditions from Tyson's family and my family.

I am really excited to spend Thanksgiving in Italy with Tyson and Taryn and celebrate not one, not two, but three Thanksgivings over the course of the weekend. I'm excited to try my hand at baking two pumpkin pies completely from scratch- roasting the pumpkin and pureeing it and everything- and baking and cooking many other delicious foods. And finding ingredients here...sometimes it's hard!

Loaded guns...ready,aim,fire!
The years of collected McDonald's toys, old barbies, tin cans & milk cartons my mom saves for weeks, old light bulbs and a favorite one year was expired Soda that provided an amazing explosion when hit with the bee-bee- gun...

Cooking in the kitchen with my mom. She is truly amazing in the kitchen and I love to help her- that's when I learn the most- right beside her! I love eating all of her wonderful creations!
My dad says his job on Thanksgiving is to wash dishes- always making sure that my mom has the utensils she needs. This may mean washing the same spoon or knife 50 times within 30 minutes. This is true love. ( yes- teary eyed again!)
Games and photos at the park during our Breakfast Burrito and Kick Ball Tournament (does anyone remember the marshmellow gun war?) . The breakfast burritos are legendary. I look forward to them every year!

Crashing after all the food is gone (who am I kidding, there's always yummy leftovers!!!) to get the energy back for all the games played after pie.

The kids table- something I am definitely doing with my future Thanksgivings. I remember really bonding with my cousins while sitting at our own table.

Seeing siblings after a long absence!

Tons and tons of people who we squeeze into our family room.
And the AMAZING table scapes (sp?) Mackenzie, Jen, Ashleigh and Brooke usually gather leaves, branches, pine cones, candles, pumpkins, Lincoln logs and little pioneer people to make the most wonderful centerpieces. Every year is something beautiful and it's part of the magic that makes these dinners so special. (didn't have a close up picture but my cousins blog -link above- has a better view!)

For Tyson's Thanksgivings...

Running the Turkey Trot- we had so much fun- and it was totally a last minute decision. Maybe next time we'll train a bit :) We came in FIRST....in the hand holding division....we had been married only a couple of weeks!

The endless amounts of perfectly homemade pies...I'm drooling over this picture! I can never make up my mind so I always end up taking pieces of all or eating bits of Tyson's - that's what I love about him- we share bits of food and love it!

Rainbow pie- 'nough said. Trevor and Todd- you guys are amazing!

We've been lucky to spend the last couple of Thanksgivings with the Smith/Booth families and I look forward to adding more Smith/Booth family photos to my iPhoto album...oh man! I love family- getting teary eyed just writing this!

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