Friday, November 18, 2011

Last weekend and this weekend

I really love weekends. Who doesn't? OK, what I should say is I appreciate weekends more and more as life goes on. Mainly because it means, that as a family, we will do something special and/or get to spend quality time together. Tyson's weeks are filled with school, homework, and studying so I always look forward to the time that we get with him, free of books and thoughts of studying.
Last weekend we headed to Ponticella where Julie and Paolo live for a yummy dinner. I really love the bus ride out there and I was so excited to have Tyson come with us this time so he could experience it too! Julie watched our babe for a short time as we went past their home and up a couple of twisty streets to see the amazing view of Bologna atop the wide open farm fields. The views did not disappoint! It was fun to see the city from a different view and try to point out major landmarks.
Dinner was wonderful and it was special to be with others and enjoying the food, the company and conversation. Tyson once told me that Italian food wasn't his favorite. My heart was a little sad, seeing as Italian food is one of my favorites. After this dinner, Tyson said, " It's not Italian food I don't like. I actually really like it. I just don't like the AMERICAN way of preparing Italian food." (Why does everything have to be drowned in red sauce?) We have loved eating real Italian foods made by real Italians. Each family prepares their "best" recipe differently but each is so delicious.
We're looking forward to this weekend because it means that Tyson has a little bit more free time now that he has completed almost all of his mid-terms!

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  1. What beautiful pictures! They are really gorgeous. The sun setting behind the majestic trees looks almost like a dream.

    You make a great point about weekends. I am more and more appreciative of them and the opportunity it means to spend uninterrupted time together as a family. Add great food and friends to the equation and you are set.

    These will be great memories! Thanks for sharing.