Sunday, October 23, 2011

Otto Mesi

At the library

Playing with her hair bows

All bundled up for a walk around the park

Ready for bed

Taryn is 8 months old and I failed at taking a day of picture so I took some of my favorite photos of her during her 8 month. She loves to play on the floor and now objects more vocally to us picking her up, removing things from her hands that aren't toys and trying to get her dresses. I sometimes wonder where she gets her strength from! Taryn is becoming more of a cuddle bug and I actually get to rock her to sleep sometimes. She responds to people on the street now that stop to talk to her with "Ra ra ra" or "ble ble ble" while moving her jaw and lips in a cute "pucker."

She waves to people when they come into sight (like on Skype with our family) and those around her at Tyson's school. When it comes time for me to go to class and I give Taryn to Tyson and she starts to wave bye bye to me as if to say, "Ok mom, go now. It's time for me to have daddy-daughter time. Bye!" I love that she gets to spend so much time with Tyson. She has a great mix of blonde, red, and some brunette in her hair and I am anxious to see if her hair stays that way!

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  1. Seriously, your daughter is adorable. I love seeing her grow up!