Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cutting Hair

When we arrived in Italy, Tyson had gone 4 weeks without a haircut. It was starting to get LONG and really bother him. So on our outings in the city we checked into MANY barber shops only to find that the going price for a hair cut was anywhere between 17-25 Euros!!!! Insane! No way are we going to spend that kinda money on a hair cut! Our neighbors said that they had clippers we could use and Paige was willing to teach me a couple of ticks.

So Paige showed me how she cuts Mike's hair. I watched closely because I know if I made a mistake on Tyson, he will have to wear that mistake on his head- bicking it was not an option for him.Paige was shocked at the thickness of Tyson's hair and how long it was. "There is like 4 inches of hair here!!"

That's a lot of hair on his shoulders, and we weren't even making real progress yet! Now it was my turn to take over and try my luck. But I think my hands must be cursed because I only got a little ways into it and the clippers died. Yup- we all blame the converter. Tyson's hair was only half done. What to do!?!?!


Yes, dull scissors is what we had to resort to. And it was a very painful experience for Tyson. I was feeling very bad but we couldn't just leave him looking like he had just lost a fight with the hair clippers. So Paige pulled out her art scissors and it made the job doable. Can you see his wincing face above?

The end results! I do have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out. Tyson's eyes were glued on the areas that were uneven so he was a little unsure about it (Can you blame me- I was using scissors!!!!!!) After returning to school his friends said they liked his hair cut (YEAH!) and asked where he got it done and how much he paid for it. When he told the guys that I did it they all asked if I would be willing to cut their hair as well. The guys were shocked that I used scissors and they said they couldn't even tell. (Sweet!) I think that gave Tyson confidence in his new hair cut and as long as we get a new pair of clippers, he is ok with me cutting his hair from now on.

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