Friday, October 21, 2011

Leaves and Colors

On Wednesday Taryn and I went for a walk around the park just before dinner. We saw some beautiful leaves and I picked some up off the ground and we took them home. Thursday was rainy all day so we spent the day inside with a coloring project to help pass the time. I told Taryn that leaves come from trees, that they are all different colors, and when we see leaves like this it means it's fall. I drew pictures of pumpkins and she let me trace her hand a few times. She grabbed the colored pencil while I stroked back and forth- it was a team effort. We put the pictures up on our walls to add some decorations. I am not the best artist but I had a lot of fun with Taryn. She took the leaves and crunched them in her hand, studied them, and only once did she actually put a piece in her mouth. she was loving it all and she sat so patiently in her high chair and sucked on colored pencils, listening to some fall-ish music and touching the leaves on her paper.

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