Saturday, October 15, 2011

Majani Chocolate

When we first arrived in Italy, I noticed lots of women carrying a "Majani" bag. I had no idea what it was but I really wanted to find out because apparently it was all the rage and since I want to get the true Italian experience while we are living here, I told Tyson that I was determined to find out what this store was. On one of our walks around the city, Tyson spotted the "Majani" store. Antica Casa Majani is Italy's oldest sweet shop! I was so happy to find out it was a chocolate store! We are lovers of anything chocolate so we took a browse around the store. We decided to go with the very affordable and adorable tortellini shaped chocolate morsels and enjoyed them as they melted in our mouths.

After our delicious chocolates we walked around the city some more and enjoyed a great day of people watching. Tyson took some great shots as we roamed and we walked into some Medieval Palaces that are now used as private residences and business offices. Saturday was a busy day and it seemed as if the whole city was walking about. I think it was the cooler weather that brought everyone out personally. And made the activities in the Piazza.
(P.S.-Above is a picture of Tyson's hair before the hair cut! So long!)

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