Monday, October 31, 2011

Meet Julie

This is Julie. She just moved back to Bologna with her Italian husband and 3 cute kids. She invited Taryn and me & Paige and Ada over to her home last week. Julie made pizza and taught us what to look for in the grocery store when we want to buy...
Vanilla Extract (they actually put it right in the baking soda here!)
Powdered Sugar (sold in tiny quantities)
and lots of other great stuff

She lives just outside the city walls and the views outside her front door are amazing. She has a small vineyard to the right of her home and you can see the rolling hills covered with red and yellow leafed trees. It's a little adventure for us traveling out there by bus and it's wonderful to see different parts of the city.

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  1. Yeah a local! Who speaks English! What a blessing. I agree that it is fun to travel outside the city sometimes, even if it can be difficult- to see the different areas.