Thursday, October 13, 2011

More of the place I call home

Tyson and I have streets that we call our favorites. These are the ones we turn down and the beauty makes us grateful we are here. In my book, it's all about the details. The endless amounts of bikes with baskets for those grocery runs, the small resturants that have the same 3 men in front talking and yelling just like they do everyday, and the endless italian grandma's who just love to smile and talk to Taryn as we pass by. The buildings are colored in shades of red, orange and yellow and I have yet to see shutters any color other than green.
I am trying my hand at walking the cobble stone streets with heels (on Sunday). Please, italian women, please tell me how you do it everyday. I nearly sprain my ankle when I am walking in sandals! Slowly, I will get there. They do make it look so easy.

My Italian class started and I am so excited for it. I sat in class and for the most part understood what was being said and the rest I tried to piece together with the little spanish I retained in high school. But why oh why do I freeze when it's my turn? I understood the questions she asked the other students. I even knew the answers and would say them to myself before the other students would answer! I guess it doesn't help that I turn bright red when all attention is on me, waiting to hear my response. I have never done well with all eyes on me.. maybe that's why I received the name "Cherry" in middle school. I shared tid-bits of what I learned with Tyson and I am very excited to continue learning Italian. I also love the Taryn gets to be with Tyson for those 90 minutes. I come out of class and she is so relaxed, enjoying the classmates that love to talk with her.

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