Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Friday

It's friday. And it's a good one. I am listening to the rain pitter patter and the smell of wet asphalt and dirt is wafting in my windows as Taryn takes her morning nap. I have already been to the store this morning and we will have Tortellini for dinner with a bechamel sauce. Plans are in the works to visit a flee market later today. Good luck to Tyson who has a major exam today and class later on. He is working hard and I love him for it. I love Friday!

I have a ton of folders on my desktop of things I need to blog about, places we've been and lots of pictures of our sweet girl. But I want to share some of my favorites today courtesy of my iphoto booth. Even though some can be a bit blurry, they are still my favorite.

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